Drowning /// Music Video

We have worked very hard in order to present to you today our new music video for “Drowning”. It’s shot mainly on Kodak 16mm Film. Let us know how you like it…

Leaving With Ghosts_ Drowning I


Many thanks to all the great people involved! It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

You know who you are.

Everything is always ending but so much it is beginning

Really to know how all this happened unto this point was either hard to tell or wouldn’t make much sense in most people’s ears. So what was there to tell, if anything at all?

It was those cold nights in february a decade ago when time was still moving slowly and everything seemed out of place. We remember it now and some of our failures we remit. Though never to regret those dark days of february in a church in a small town with a piano. Somewhere, sometime.

There were unannounced concerts on farmer’s fields with electricity towers used as drum sets and guitar amplifiers powered by car batteries. Everything is always ending but so much it is beginning.





i wished I could swim

inside your head again

but I’m drowning

for the best I think you don’t see me

I think you don’t see me

Like you used to

No surface to cling to

I’m drowning where are you?


we try to hold on but

 we just keep on floating

without ever touching anything

I can’t sleep

because you are sleeping

while I’m wide awake without you


we used to not know

where one ends and the other begins

but now these walls

that we live in just picture the

present and future

and nothing remains

but these walls surrounding us


We used to

We used to

I’m drowning

Where are you?